When people ask: "Why would someone vote for Donald Trump," and the first response is "because that voter is racist / misogynist / stupid," there is a problem.

When people ask: "Why would someone protest this election?" and the first response is "Because that person is stupid / sore loser / hates democracy," there is a problem.

We are one country. And at my last count, everyone who voted on November 8th voted with the intention to move the country towards what they believed to be a better future.

With this much fear, hate, confusion, and concern out there right now, we need to start from that foundation. A belief that people who disagree with us are, in most cases, acting rationally and want the same things for themselves and their families as you do for yours, and are trying to get there on a different path or by a different compass.

So, all that said: are you brave enough to listen to someone who might have a different opinion than yourself?


how it works

You'll be matched for a short conversation with a person who might have different views than yourself.

We encourage you to listen to that person's point of view.

We'll keep track of how much time each of you is speaking.




  • Don't be an asshole.
  • You will possibly encounter views different than your own. Prepare yourself accordingly.
  • Don't argue.
  • If you don't agree with someone's position, ask them why they believe that instead of trying to get them to change their mind.